NMAWC 32444 Echo Lane Suite 300 San Diego, CA 92147

NMAWC, as the warfare center of excellence for Mine Warfare (MIW) and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), focuses efforts across numerous resource sponsors, systems commands, research laboratories, training organizations, and operational commands to ensure Navy-wide competency in the MIW and ASW mission areas. NMAWC is the primary command through which issues related to MIW and ASW are coordinated with tactical development agencies and commands.

As the principal authority for the MIW and ASW missions, NMAWC:

  • Develops doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures as the MIW and ASW Center of Excellence.
  • Focuses efforts across the MIW and ASW mission areas to include resource sponsors, Systems Commands, Laboratories, and experimentation initiatives; Articulates MIW and ASW operational and future readiness capabilities requirements; Promotes rapid delivery of new technologies and training, through support of Sea Shield and Sea Trial.
  • Promotes MIW and ASW training and qualification improvement; Supports the numbered Fleet Commanders in MIW and ASW integrated training and certification.
  • Supports MIW and ASW performance assessment at all levels against standardized, common metrics.
  • Supports Theater ASW.
  • Supports Operational Commanders with: a standing deployable MIW Battle Staff; deployable mine countermeasures staffs; Combatant Commanders’ MIW operational and contingency plan development; and maritime component commander and theater ASW staff support. The MIW Battle Staff, as the Naval Component Commander MIW Commander, executes delegated Operational Control of Air, Surface, and Underwater MCM forces.